Bromley Wood

The Client

Bromley Wood is a procurement consultancy that gives businesses a competitive edge.

They recognise that many businesses do not understand the full extent of their supply chains, lose money, and as a result, cannot afford to innovate.

Through a combination of process improvement, SaaS and training, Bromley Wood wants to put businesses back in control, reduce the associated risks of poor supplier visibility, and help them transform their procurement.

Bromley Wood came to us a few years ago when it was Bromley Wood Associates, and the owner Richard Beaumont wanted to generate leads from LinkedIn.

They had an existing website and wanted to have a full marketing campaign.

The challenge

As Bromley Wood is positioned in the procurement sector, we needed to demonstrate the importance of supply chain visibility for CSR (corporate social responsibility), risk reduction, meeting due diligence and other legal requirements and planning for the future.

We were tasked with increasing the brand visibility for Bromley Wood Associates through their content marketing, social media presence and SEO. We built their website to showcase the new services and conducted LinkedIn lead generation.

Our challenge with Bromley Wood was demonstrating accurate and effective procurement sector knowledge and conducting some strategy training with Richard to grow and develop an audience for Bromley Wood Academy while using a finite amount of resources.

The Solution

Our initial work with Bromley Wood included social media, content marketing, and LinkedIn lead generation.

This approach was a success. However, after the Covid lockdowns were lifted, Richard approached us with a new brief to reflect the new developments in his business.

This consisted of splitting the company into three segments under the Bromley Wood umbrella: Bromley Wood Associates, Bromley Wood Academy, and Category Strategy as a Service (CatSaaS).

With these changes in mind, we were commissioned to build a new website, a bespoke 3D animation explainer video for Bromley Wood’s new services, LinkedIn Lead generation, SEO content writing, social media, and email marketing to facilitate an effective marketing ecosystem.

To maximise the impact of the campaign, we conducted in-depth market research into the pain points of Bromley Wood’s target customers and created helpful industry-related content to provide value.

By design, Bromley’s content was created to educate the target audience, many of which included businesses with a DIY approach to procurement.

Our approach here was to make clear that patching over problems in procurement does not work for businesses in the long run and to offer practical recommendations and insight into sustainable improvements to supply chain management.

To boost search traffic to Bromley’s new site, we also implemented conducted keyword research and implemented SEO best practices for a variety of articles showcasing expert insights into procurement and what considerations UK businesses need to factor in when operating globally.

The Results

Throughout the campaign, we delivered the traction Bromley Wood wanted to support the new direction of the business, and the assets we delivered have driven brand engagement and visibility.

As a result of our social media, content marketing, and LinkedIn lead generation efforts, we achieved the following over the course of a campaign:

  • A 5600% growth on Instagram
  • An average of 213 qualified LinkedIn connections per month
  • We enabled Bromley to win a number of high-value clients resulting in thousands of additional revenue to the business

In addition, the new high-quality, scaleable website has allowed the client to adapt and scale the site to their needs as they grow while keeping the website completely under Bromley’s control.

Overall, we have helped to position Bromley Wood as an expert in their industry, building the trust and reputation needed to bring new clients.

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