Net Hub

The Client

Net Hub is a free online networking platform designed for traders, small businesses, community groups, charities, and networking group owners.

Described as the missing link between social media platforms and CRM, Net Hub is designed to help users track the value of a network and maximise business relationships by making it simple to track leads, set up campaigns and reward your connections.

Net Hub also provides the tools to create on-platform posts to educate group members, participate in group chats and join Networking Groups.

The challenge

Net Hub came to us as a new business aiming to infiltrate a saturated market. To get the traction they needed to achieve fast growth, we were tasked with creating an appealing site that would stand out from the competition.

Since business networking is a market that’s home to time-short entrepreneurs, the site needed to convey Net Hub’s message at a glance and be simple to navigate without frustrating blockers that would lead users to look elsewhere for their networking needs.

The Solution

Net Hub’s new website was to play a crucial role in increasing new users, so we needed to ensure it was designed to keep users on page and provide educational elements to allow users to understand and reap the benefits of business networking.

Having supported the growth of so many SMEs at KUB, we are very familiar with the small to medium-sized business world. In addition, we do a lot of networking facilitation – so we had a solid understanding of what the client needed.

Drawing on our expertise of web design and an in-depth knowledge of Net Hub’s target market, we advised on the structural and design elements of the site in accordance with what would work best for their sector and audience.

The Results

We designed a website that positioned Net Hub at a high level with a slick user interface. This allowed Net Hub to stand out from the competition with an attractive, easy-to-navigate infrastructure.

As a result, Net Hub now attracts a steady stream of users looking to expand their business community and make the most out of networks, networking and business relationships.

Net Hub were keen to increase their internal website knowledge, and we were able to deliver this for them by using Elementor Pro as their back-end capabilities. Moving into the future, they are able to edit, changes, adapt and grow their website alongside their dynamic industry they are looking to command.

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