The Client

Orenda Finance is a one-stop embedded financial services ecosystem.

Launched in 2020, they offer embedded financial products and services that provide a whole host of benefits for clients and their customers.

With access to configurable solutions and no-code web apps, clients can build new revenue streams by creating personalised embedded financial service products.

Orenda believes FinTech shouldn’t be exclusive to financial entities, so are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes and sectors leverage FinTech in an easy, accessible, and low-cost way.

This allows our clients to prioritise a customer-centric distribution strategy rather than resourcing banking infrastructure and payments expertise.

The challenge

Orenda came to us as new players in a high-growth industry.

We worked closely with the team and to tight deadlines to establish Orenda in the market in a position to challenge its competition.

Part of our challenge was that we had no materials to go to market with. We also had to change and flex with the business as the product and the internal team grew and changed rapidly.

Since FinTech is a market that’s home to the tech-savvy, every asset we produced had to be polished, sleek and professional.

We needed in-depth technical knowledge of the FinTech world with high production graphics to position Orenda amongst industry leaders in embedded finance.

The Solution

Orenda’s solution, consisting of building a strong online presence and delivering a full marketing strategy, was designed to position them at the forefront of their market.

As part of their strategy, we were commissioned to:

  • Design and build their new website
  • Create high-quality graphics, 3D renders and video content
  • Write and publish content in line with their SEO strategy
  • Run their PPC campaigns
  • Design and disseminate social media content
  • Conduct LinkedIn lead generation and LinkedIn advertising
  • Manage their PR
  • Design and build Visa cards (virtual and physical)
  • Complete award write-ups and sales brochures
  • Develop their brand identity

By delivering a variety of expert articles, partner announcements, and a website that effectively competes with the market leaders, we were able to build Orenda’s credibility to attract new business.

Orenda’s SEO and PPC advertising also played a crucial role in increasing website traffic, and we were able to nurture leads through email marketing, including engaging monthly newsletters and industry announcements.

The Results

Utilising partner announcements and content marketing, we enabled Orenda to introduce itself to the market at a high level, with the industry expertise behind them to solidify its reputation.

By creating a website designed to stand out from the competition and showcase Orenda as the serious player it is in the FinTech industry, Orenda attracts a steady stream of qualified prospects looking to harness the power of embedded finance.

We continue to work with Orenda on a strategic level, with a focus on mapping out and planning projects that prepare them for business growth and help them to scale with ease.

As Orenda is part of an innovative, disruptive landscape, we keep close track of industry trends to identify and adapt to current and upcoming challenges.

The combination of PPC, SEO and social media allowed us to grow Orenda’s website traffic and build sustainable, high-quality business. PPC has proved most effective, accounting for over a third of Orenda’s traffic.

Overall, our hybrid approach, supported by our slick processes and systems, allows us to be flexible and reflexive to Orenda’s needs while collaborating closely with Orenda team members across multiple time zones.

We continue to support Orenda through enormous growth and help elevate them to the next level in obtaining investment.

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